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Suzie + Léo


Suzie & Léo are a French artistic team based in Paris. Their work ranges between fashion, art, photography and film.

Prior to directing, they studied cinema and fine art and met each other at the famous Gobelins school of image. Later they worked as camera assistants for various photographers.

Now as fully fledged photographers, they work for many international publications.

As directors, they mostly work with advertising agencies and fashion brands. In 2010 and 2011 they won the young talent jury prize « ASVOFF » with their films « Black light » and « Is this real life » They signed an Yves Saint Laurent campaign starring the muse Cara Delevingne.

Suzie & Léo recently shot the new Givenchy Campaign starring Simon Baker. They did both, the TV commercial and the print campaign.

They prepare each of their projects very carefully. They draw, research and exchange thoughts in order to bring their ideas to life on set. They love experimenting and challenging the fashion norms.